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SustainabilityHaving your entire organization make changes can be quite a challenge. American Fire Equipment has made a wholehearted commitment to become an environmentally friendly, sustainable company. This has become a priority and has affected every department of our company. Changes have been made from administration to the technicians in the field, with conservation as a priority.

We would like to share some of the changes American Fire Equipment has made, and hope it can be used as a blueprint for others to follow.

Eco-Conscious CommitmentsEnvironmentally Friendly, Sustainable Company

Building Changes:

  1. Started air conditioner upgrades to new units with a higher SEER rating for less power consumption.
  2. Reduced the quantity of evaporative warehouse coolers from eight 110V units to three larger 3 phase units.
  3. Installed programmable thermostats so that the A/C only runs when the building is occupied.
  4. Reduced lighting usage.
  5. Installed a microbiologically influenced corrosion (MIC) treatment system on our building fire sprinkler system to prolong system life.
  6. Our Clean Agent and HALON refill station is U.L. approved/inspected for all closed loop systems. This application prevents gas being admitted to the atmosphere. All HALONS not internally reclaimed are sent to a certified recycler

Recycling Program:

  1. Started a recycling program throughout all company locations, to separate office paper from dirty trash. Provided extra recycle trash cans throughout our facilities for recycling.
  2. Added recycling bins for steel, brass, aluminum and copper.
  3. All batteries are picked up by an accredited recycler.
  4. Old computers and circuit boards are sent to accredited recyclers.
  5. All used motor oils and tires from our vehicles are sent to accredited recyclers.

Administrative & Field Technician Changes:

  1. The field technicians have all been equipped with laptop computers to enable them to process electronic reports. This has eliminated all of the paper inspection forms.
  2. We use iSYNERGY, an electronic document management system. With iSYNERGY we will automate the accounts payable process and also our billing and payroll process. This has already resulted in the reduction of thousands of paper copies per month.
  3. Implemented a "Green Email Signature" for employees to remind everyone to really consider whether printing emails is necessary or not. This also has reduced many copies each month.

Design Department:

  1. All fire system designs are eco-consciously designed. The amount of materials needed for a project is a priority and evaluated in each design.
  2. Designers have large screen monitors that enable them to view and evaluate most plans on their computer, rather than having to print the plans to do review.
  3. We store plans electronically which has reduced the amount of paper and ink that we use. We have a daily backup system and the backups are kept offsite.


American Fire Equipment closely grades the manufacturer's products for quality, their internal sustainability policies, and the eco-impact on the products they provide. This process helps us determine which products fit our standards. An example would be the design and products used in the Green Schoolhouse projects.

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