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American Fire Equipment Safety Message

At American Fire Equipment our loss control philosophy is very clear and simple; "Safety Is a Value" We believe that “Safety” is more than a priority as priorities can change. Values are constant, steady and stand up to and resist either internal or external forces or mindsets which may try to erode them; values like family, honesty, integrity and hard work.

Safety Vision

"Our vision for safety at American Fire Equipment is grounded in the concept of a culture that unites us as a conscientious team, constantly aware of potential hazards to ensure the safety of our employees, customers, suppliers and family members.”

Safety Mission

"Safety is not the responsibility of one person but the mission of all. We at American Fire Equipment promote a team effort to a safe and healthy work environment not only for our employees but for everyone who works with or around us."

As mentioned, we are grounded in the idea that culture; the actions, words and behaviors of our employees play a very important role in creating a work environment where “Safety” is viewed as a “Value” and not a priority or goal.

As such we are committed to maintain a pro-active culture that recognizes the value of safety, for each employee, every day. We also, believe in the value of a well trained and safety focused workforce.

Without question, we will consciously and consistently choose safe behaviors over unsafe ones, all in an effort to “Protect Our People, Customers, Suppliers, Families and Business from Harm” each and every day!

Our Mantra

"People taking care of people."

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